Isn’t it so bright?

The dark, star-lit sky

Standing here, me and you

A love in pure white…


We both loved to strike

Words were worth a fight

Like magnet, North and South

Didn’t you realize?


There’s no use to hide

Now we’re side by side

Like Morn star and Eve star

Different but alike.


True love’s hard to find

So I’ll hold you tight

‘Till two stars become one

Then you’ll become mine.


I dug this out after, er… 3 or more years ago? Haha xD



2 thoughts on “Venus

  1. Excellent poem you’ve got there, my friend. You’re cut out to be a writer, poet or journalist of some sort, because I can feel so many emotions and feelings embedded in every word up there – a passion that seems to be on the verge of spilling over (I never get the same feels from my own writings; they’re too mechanical and impartial, to boot). I suggest that you consider writing as a possible career option, or at least one of your long-term avocations. Let your avid imagination run wild occasionally, and you’ll see innumerable wonders in things that others take for granted (<^。^) But do remember to keep your eyes & ears open instead of having your head in the clouds most of the time.


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