Scenario #5

Suddenly, I sound so desperate =.=”

I can’t stop.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

For the first time, a girl looked at me right into the eyes, coldly and calmly.

For the first time, a girl approached me without blushing, without squealing. Calmly like the winter winds after a snowstorm. Your long black dress fluttered in sync with your footsteps, your white shirt glowed majestically under the sunset. Simple yet beautiful.

You gave me back the paper along with a single word: “Here”. Your warm, gentle voice is smooth like water, the cold and deep water held in your eyes. A strange yet enchanting combination.

You gave me a slight bow, then turned and walked away. You walked into my heart and mind so impudently, so elegantly; then you walked away so quickly, so cruelly.

Just like that, you made me want you. You made me yearn for you, think of you, sing for you. You made me search for you, in vain. Where are you? I want to at least know your name; but how can I have it, when I couldn’t get even a smile from you?

I want to see you again. I want to talk to you, about anything and everything. I want to know your name, and much more. I want to smile at you, and be reciprocated in kind. Such a fleeting moment, and yet countless possibilities are awaiting us.

Dreams, hopes and fears, they excite me, burn me up until I’m nothing but part of this hateful reality, this hateful reality that our meeting is fated, but our destinies may never intertwine.

I cannot accept it, that our lines only intersect. How sad it would be, how regrettable it would be! I want to live with no regrets, and I want to test all the possibilities. That straight line of mine towards what was once my goal, I will redraw it to circle around you. Yes. I will find you, chase after you, until you look at me again.

Let me hear more of your voice, a voice sharp and clear, firm yet kind.

Let me see more of your eyes, showing none while hiding all.

Let me know more about you, girl who got my heart.

Won’t you want to know more about me?


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