Greetings again, after an eternity…


It has been a long time since I last wrote something. To my followers and fellow bloggers, thank you for keeping up with me despite my horribly irregular updates (I’m seeing spider webs everywhere on my blog right now). I’m so sorry for that, but the last year of high school beats down hard on everyone, and I’m no exception. There’s a silver lining though, and that is after my A Level is over, so does my 9 months of freedom begin, and you can expect this dusty place to be much livelier. I hope by then the creativity of my brain is in sync with my free time, since it works so wonderfully when I’m busy with schoolwork, and frustratingly malfunctions when I have nothing to do. I can’t be the only one with this problem, right?

And by then, hopefully I’ll whip up the courage to write a full, decent story, instead of scattered fragments and unresolved plots like what I’ve produced so far.  I’m still very much a greenhorn, so I’ll look forward to your feedback when I finally come up with something.

To all my fellow bloggers who enjoy the beauty of words as much as I do, I’ll see you in December. Please take care and write on!


Rezzaire 7 Lasiette


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