Myths of the Greeks and Roman – Digital project

Greetings to my (few) followers, after a long period of hiatus.

Also, greetings to my university friends, tutors, and professors who will (and may) visit this blog from today and hopefully, many days later.

Yes, as you can see from the title of this post, I’m doing a digital project as part of my unit at the university, and thanks to it I will unleash a stream of posts from today (which is so rare an event you might as well take it as an impossibility). This post and the upcoming posts of the project will be filed under CLAN 1001 category, which can be found using the Compass.

Many apologies for my lack of update so far, and many thanks for my followers who, despite it all, have stuck with me until now. I hope you all will enjoy what I have come up with for such an interesting and challenging topic, and leave me with valuable feedback for my ongoing adventure with words and stories.

Thank you and write on!



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