06 Jun 2017

Hello, this is Rezzaire. I’m 20, currently in my first year at University of Western Australia, and playing with words is a passion which I can never let go of. Writing, to me, is a rather extravagant but enriching hobby that I want to keep, no matter what I’m doing in university or in life later.

As a non-native English speaker I’m ashamed to say I dread learning new vocabularies, instead I try to maximise what I already have and express not-so-new things in a refreshing way. Rather than collecting words, I want to play with them and polish them, until they shine like pearls of the Far East.

A look at the Compass section, and you will see different types of my posts. Thoughts are my feelings and opinions regarding anything and everything I care about. There are Poems in both English and Vietnamese (my mother tongue), and Proses for when (few and far between) my native vocabularies suddenly flood back into me. There is also Scenarios, featuring short scenes and stories that are either too spontaneous that I could not think any further for them, or time and other responsibilities did not allow further expansion of the plots, which is truly regrettable. Lastly, CLAN 1001 is a multi-chapter short story created as part of a digital project regarding myths of the Greeks and Romans. It is the first major piece on this blog, and no doubt my pride.

So, I hope you all, fellow bloggers and writers like me, have a good time in my little place. I still have a lot to go, and I appreciate all your comments and support.

Rezzaire 7 Lasiette


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