Scenario 1#

The most basic etiquette in enjoying words, to me, is this: Don’t like, don’t read. With that, please enjoy (or close your tab, if applicable) =))

She’s a lesbian. And she knows it. Embrace it, even.

But her parents do not know. Rather, they refuse to know.

They take her proclamation of identity as a funny April Fool’s joke, and her passionate texts sent to a certain girl an elaborate Halloween scare.

When she brought her love to their house, they frantically tried to explain it as mere emotional imbalance of a young girl whose parents rarely meet. They made up for years of their cold, distant marriage by nights of heated arguments and bitter tears.

They, who never cast so much as a glance towards her, are desperately trying to amend their past mistakes by yet making another. Why should they care about whom she loves now, after years of neglect? Why crying for her? Why pleading with her? Why even forcing her into an engagement with a man?

Why are they doing this to her?

Endnote: I wrote this not so long ago, after reading an article about LGBT issue in my home country. For love to be a sin, a dark secret… it must be really painful. I want to tell them: “Be brave”, but who am I to fully understand what they are going through?